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posted 3.7.2017
From April of 2017, through November of 2018, the Arvada Center will be commemorating the period of our nation's involvement in World War I. We will be looking at the war through the lens of the arts and the humanities, and programming will include art exhibitions, poetry readings, concerts, book discussion groups, theatrical presentations, lectures, panel discussions, a film series, and more.
posted 7.25.2016
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posted 12.4.2015
Moving video of Gary Sinise accompanying and hosting WWII veterans on a trip to the WWII Museum in New Orleans LA
posted 8.26.2015
1940's and 1950's White Christmas Ball (Calendar)

US Navy's Jersey Boys Tribute (Features)

Colorado 8th Vets Receive Medals (Features)
posted 8.25.2015
Clayton Nattier and Keith Hereford received their long overdue WW II medals.
posted 7.15.2015
Beautiful tribute to men and women serving in the US Armed Forces
posted 11.25.2014
Tom Brokaw narrates the story of "The Candy Bomber, 1948" during the Christmas 2013 Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert.
posted 11.25.2014
This extremely well-produced ad for a British chocolate company is based off of true stories from the trenches of World War I. It may be an ad, but it gets me right in the heartstrings! Watch and you'll see why this ad has gone ultra-viral in its first week online.
posted 6.26.2014
Brig Gen Robert Titus shared this poem at our luncheon on Jun 20, 2014. He used this poem for his eulogy at the memorial service for Gen Robin Olds:

To The Valiant

To set the cause above renown
To love the game beyond the prize
To honor as you strike him down
The foe who comes with angry eyes

To count the life of battle good
And dear the land that gave you birth
And dearer yet the brotherhood
That binds the brave of all the earth

Sir Henry Newbolt (1861-1935)
posted 6.26.2014
An impressive look back through D-Day photographs:
posted 6.26.2014
This is a 30 minute video produced by Denver Channel Fox 31. Four Coloradans are chronicled. These veterans all fought in the D-Day Normandy landing. Lucky McGinty, member of our Colorado Chapter, 8th Air Force Historical Society, was chosen to make this trip with The Greatest Generations Foundation.